Why You Should Watch Olókìkí Òru by Ibrahim Chatta

It’s a story based on the history of the Yoruba people.


The story explores the life of a thief “Olókìkí Òru” . The night-king. The midnight sensation.

The multi-million naira epic movie is set in the ancient Oyo Empire.

The movie was produced by veteran film-maker Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta


Ibrahim Chatta is a popular nollywood actor, producer and director. He has always pursued a career in acting. He disclosed that he was able to learn a lot of things on his own.

It has something for everyone; action, battles, death, and romance.


After Oyo Empire fell in 1888, two rival armed-robbers strike fear on several towns. They fought for dominance, wealth, and love.

Ayero (Olókìkí Òru) steals from anyone and everyone, including kings and warlords. In the journey through life, he found love in the daughter of a distant king.

Love, they say, is blind.

He placed all he had at the disposal of this king. But his proposal was refused.

The king sought protection from Olókìkí Òru’s arch-enemy, Akala.

At what cost did this protection come?

What will OlÓKÌKÍ ÒRU do? What the movie to find out

All your favorite actors and musicians are in this movie. The movie is star studded.


“OlÓKÌKÍ ÒRU” is star studded.

They include Ibrahim Chatta, Lateef Adedimeji, Murphy Afolabi, Bisola Badmus, Foluke Daramola, Taiwo Hassan, Tobi Ojediran, Ronke Ojo, Saheed Osupa.

It is rich in culture, history, and heritage.


Original African fashion found its voice in this movie, as the ‘aso-oke’, ‘adire’, and ‘iyun’ were appropriately used.

The combination of the fashion items takes you back to the 19th Century when OlÓKÌKÍ ÒRU reigned. The interior look, straw mats, and calabash were important clues to the creativity of Yorubas of the era.

African traditional religion was portrayed in full, the worship of Ifa and Ogun was fair. The religious practices of OlÓKÌKÍ ÒRU and Akala mimic old battles.