We Don’t Deserve Nollywood

After reading this you will agree that we don’t deserve Nollywood..and we need to show more appreciation towards it.

You’ve heard it all before. Nollywood, Nigeria’s super-prolific movie industry is wack. Nollywood has given us movies like “Ti Oluwa N’ile” that raised us in the absence of our parents.

Yet Nigerians, especially the younger generation seem to have a healthy distaste for the quality of movies that make it out of Nollywood and for the industry itself. But if you look closely, you’ll find that Nollywood is a rare gem and we actually won’t die if we just appreciate its greatness.

Here are a couple of things that prove we don’t really deserve Nollywood.

Ain’t Nobody Got Numbers Like Us (Except India, Of Course)

Nigeria’s movie industry is the 2nd largest in the world. What that means is that we produce the 2nd highest number of movies – 2000 of them every year – in the world. That’s a lot considering many filmmakers don’t have access to funding, and the industry is largely unstructured, meaning movies like “Return of Iron Man (Season 1-12) almost never make the numbers. Put some respect on those figures please.

… And The People Are Watching From All Over

Nigerian movies are the most consumed on the African continent. Yes, they may have unnecessary 15-minute-long scenes where IK Ogbonna  is simply walking through a mall to depressing music or when a car is driving on the same lane for years, but the people love it.

Nigerian movies are a fan favourite in countries as far away as Rwanda and Kenya – where many locals have learned to speak in Nigerian accents and Nollywood actors are A-list stars.

There are also Youtube channels such as RealNollywoodClips, NollywoodPicturesTv, African movies and more share Nollywood movies, with over 1,000,000,000 views. Ees nor a small thing.

It Has Grown So Much That It Has Its Own Ecosystem

There’s no better proof of how massive Nollywood is than the brands and businesses that now thrive off it.

Nollywood is the reason DSTV has Africa Magic; a chain of six channels that offer nothing but Nigerian movies round the clock, 7 days a week.

And All That Goodness Comes With Free Life Lessons

To be fair, you can get a good movie from just about anywhere. But how many movies can teach you the simple life lesson that stolen crowns are heavy on the head (like Tunde Kelani’s Saworoide)?

How many movies can explain how ill-gotten wealth only brings grave consequences (Shout out to Last Burial) while taking control of your bladder and leaving you wondering if God isn’t already angry at you for all the bad things you’ve been thinking of doing.

While I’m sure you’ve learned your fair share of lessons and scares from Pete Edochie and Kanayo O. Kanayo, you would also agree that Nollywood also does not do too badly when it comes to comedy with the likes of Chinedu Ikediezie, Osita Iheme, Mr Ibu, Nkem Owoh, to mention a few.

Drop whatever it is you’re doing. including your prejudices and fall in love with Nollywood again.

You are welcome.

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