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When she saw Alex, the world seemed to pause, his tall muscular frame, light skin, well-chiseled face, neatly shaved beards, and steel blue eyes were straight out of a fantasy novel and left her frozen and from the way, he stopped and stared he equally was smitten after all she was a beauty. His house was a magnificent duplex in the highbrow Ikoyi of Lagos and the furnishing showed he had great taste. They had connected for a one night stand on a dating app, this was the path she found herself, the card life played her, the life of a call girl.

“Hello, you must be Susan”, his rich baritone broke off her thoughts. “Ye…Yes, Good Evening” She stuttered and stretched her hand for a handshake, “nice to meet you, do you mind a drink?” He asked.

“Sure, some vodka would be fine”

She always needed enough alcohol to see her through the dirty tasks of a call girl.

They ended up chatting all through the night and got to know some bits about themselves. Alex told her he was into online businesses and also traveled out to deliver goods details of which he didn’t say. He was an only child of poor parents whom he had now relocated abroad with his Son from an estranged lover. He didn’t plan on getting married soon since he was not cut out for another love dilemma, so he only dealt with call girls.

Susan was a university drop out. She had to quit school after her Dad was killed and the shock gave her Mother a stroke. The burden of the family for the past 6years had been on her young shoulders  especially when her father’s business partner ‘Mr. Osifo’ coveted all the assets to himself leaving her, her mother and two younger brothers to misery. Susan had tried to make ends meet but it became increasingly difficult as her mother’s condition worsened, it wasn’t until two months ago when her childhood friend introduced her to the call girl lifestyle and she was able to bring in some more money for her family’s needs.

Alex woke up the next morning to the aroma of a wonderful breakfast of noodles and fried eggs, and as he stepped into the kitchen, there was Susan still in her nighties cleaning up what she used to prepare the meal. He said with a straight face, “I don’t allow any lady prepare my meals or use my kitchen” Susan turned startled and started to apologize ” I’m so sorry, I thought you’d be hungry and …”, Alex stopped her lips with his in a long steamy kiss which broke off, stared into her eyes and said, ” I think you’re an exception”.

The relationship blossomed in the next few months, he footed her mother’s medical bills, the brother’s school fees and gave her some money to start up a retail shop. In about four months he had proposed to Susan and everything seemed too good, too fast to be real. 


It was a cool Wednesday evening as Mr. Simeon and his older Son rode home from the shop on his bike, “Bobo, we just got the contract to supply cement for the government’s hospital projects in 6 locations” he said with much excitement, “Wow! Papa that means our status is changing…”, out of nowhere a green vehicle double-crossed them and three armed men jumped out. 

“Come down!” they yelled

Simeon and his son got off their bike and put their hands up, the gang leader sauntered towards them with a smirk on his face,

 “Simeon is your name, right”, 

a visibly shaken Mr. Simeon couldn’t speak, 

“Are you dumb, Or didn’t you hear me?” The gang leader asked again with a sinister look, Mr. Simeon nodded scared and the gang leader gave him a slap for wasting his time.

“Leave him alone!” The son screamed and made a move but a short member of the gang swept him off his feet and he landed with a heavy thud.

“No time to waste time, I just came to deliver a message to you, the shop owner needs the shop”. 

With this,  he shot Mr. Simeon three times as his son watched in horror as the shooter gave him a chilly stare before zooming off in their vehicle.


It was a warm Friday morning and it seemed nothing could go wrong, Alex’s eyes met Sam and both froze. “Hey babe, meet my younger brother, Samuel” Susan said grinning from ear to ear.

“It was him!” Samuel screamed hysterically, “he killed Papa!”.