Top 20 Most Popular Nollywood Trailers on Youtube, from 2010 to 2020

The data in the article was crawled on 2nd of January, 2020.

The impact of Youtube on motion picture and nollywood industry can not be overstated. Nigerians love watching all nollywood movies and trailers.

Below you will find the most popular and best nigerian nollywood trailers of the last decade ( from 2010 to 2019 ). These are arguably the most marketed movies and best cinema grossing movies.

But not all movies have high-budget. Some of these movies were popular on Youtube because of the channel that published the videos. Enjoy.

It is interesting to see that lastest 2019 movie Muna and Venom could make this list.

Movie TitleViewsYoutube ChannelYear of Release
1Wedding Party 2
1.7 million EbonyLife Films2017
2See On Fire1.5 millionNollywood RealnollyTV2016
3A Village In Africa1.4 millionNollywood RealnollyTV2016
4The Wedding Party 1909 thousandTIFF Trailers2016
5LionHeart865 thousandMPM Premium2018
6Dirty Secret597 thousandenewsng2010
7Venom429 thousandIbakaTv2019
8King of Boys397 thousandKing of Boys Movie2018
9The Horrible King373 thousandNollywood RealnollyTV2016
10Merry Men370 thousandAy Comedian2018
11Jacuzzi368 thousandNollywood RealnollyTV2016
12Jenifa’s Diary Season 11365 thousandScene one Tv2018
13Sorrowful Child313 thousandIroko Tv/Nollywood2015
14Muna307 thousandKevstel Tv2019
15Abigael243 thousand Tiwani Tv 2015
16Vanity224 thousandNollywood Best2015
17Realnolly Tv221 thousandNollywood realnolly Tv2014
18Fifty204 thousandEbonyLife films2016