Top 20 Most Popular Nollywood Trailers on Youtube, 2019

Movie TitleViewsChannel
1Hot Sex762 thousandNolly Rich Tv
2Venom429 thousandIbaka Tv
3Muna307 thousand KevStel Tv
4Merry Men 2250 thousand Ay Comedian
5New Money245 thousandConga Tv
6Planned Out 213 thousandNollyMax Movies
7Return Of The Billionaire212 thousandFirstnolly Tv
8Your Excellency165 thousandEbonyLife Films
9Uncontrollable Sex147 thousandNolly Motion Tv
10Instagram Queen 1134 thousandChristyJ Tv
11Local Palace Wife80 thousandNollywood Pictures Tv
12My Blame70 thousandUche Nancy
13Long Walk to Nothing57 thousand Ibaka Tv
14The Mirror55 thousand Firstnolly Tv
15The Set Up52 thousand Inkbolt Productions
164th Republic49 thousand Amateurheads
17Lionheart49 thousand Interprete- me
18Smile For Me49 thousandUche Nancy
19Forbidden Secrets 49 thousandNolly Epic Tv
20Grey 48 thousandIbaka Tv