Style Queens of Nollywood – The 2019 Line Up

Fashion and style will always be a topic of discussion when it comes to movie stars. After all, film and fashion are the best friends of the entertainment industry. The world of Nollywood does not fall short when it comes glitz and glamour. We love our stars for all the hard work the stars put into creating movies we love, and we love them more for their efforts at stepping out looking like the stars they represent in our minds and hearts.

Fashion is a trend. Style lives within the person.

Oscar de la Renta

When it comes to sophisticated style in Nollywood, it doesn’t get better than these queens. Feel free to take a feather or two from the hats of these fashionistas.
We had trouble making this a countdown because everyone here has fashion and style game on lock down this year.
From Ankara Fashion, Street wear, Black Tie, Formal, Retro, to Girly, Casual Chic, Couture, you name it. These women will rock them and do it effortlessly.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Behold your Queens!

Rita Dominic

The OG. Even from back in the days, Rita Dominic style game has always been up point. Clean, Classy and Sophisticated. Like a true queen. Rita’s look is always one to watch out for anytime shes on the red carpet and just like always, she brought it in 2019.

The way she plays around with colours, both on the dresses and the make-up, delivers excellence every single time. She’s a fan of the big hairs, always making a perfect balance on her face. Sealing it up always with her beautiful smile, not really sure what lights up wherever she is, but I am sure it’s her perfect combination of colours, her smile, or both. Rita has remained consistently and flawlessly stylish, and whenever Nollywood and style is mentioned, before you’d think of five names, Rita Dominic must have crossed your mind a hundred times. Keep killing them Rita! If you don’t give them, how will they take it?

Toke Makinwa

Chair Lady of the Chop Life Gang, Baby Girl for life that can never be caught un-fresh. If Toke does not make any most stylish/fashionable list then that list needs to be investigated. The entire continent knows that Toke brings it, even when she is just going out for grocery shopping. Is there any look you have ever thought about? Toke has pulled it and she does it effortlessly with her crown.

And in 2019, Toke reaffirmed her status as queen with every Instagram post. If you didn’t like fashion, Toke would make you fall in love with it. Whether she’s doing her thing as a show host, on a set as an actress, going about her business as an entrepreneur or flying around the world for TM time, Toke always buts her best super stylish feet forward.

Mercy Aigbe

Have Mercy, Mercy! When it comes to slaying with Ankara fabric, no other celeb takes her place. She is the mother of Ankara gorgeousness. The arrival of Mercy anywhere illuminates everything and everyone. With her, the African fabric is beautiful and sleek, also having a designer that does justice to these fabrics, portrays her style as beauty plus skills, a beautiful Mercy, and a skilled designer. 

Although, you might be tempted to think she only slays on Ankara fabrics alone, but trust me, she slays on whatever. From just nighties, to swim suits, to dinner dresses, to casual wears, to denim jeans, to whatever it is, Mercy comes with ready to slay!

Lilian Esoro

Lilian Esoro was Most fashionable actress Lagos Fashion Awards 2016, amongst a whole lot of other fashion endorsements and awards, Lilian is indeed, a style star. Her height, beauty, and effortless style stand her out anywhere and anytime. From the role of Nurse Abigail in the TV series, Clinic matters, Lilian has risen to the stars to watch out for when there’s a gathering of Nollywood stars. On red carpets, you could place a bet on Lilian Esoro as one of the best dressed even before seeing her. With this master piece of gorgeousness, it doesn’t matter if she is doing it simple or ultra chic, one thing is sure, she’s always a sight for sore eyes.

Osas Ighodaro 

Osas has this finesse and aura she carries with style. She might not have spent decades in the Industry but the little time she has spent, she has proven a point to us, that in fashion and style, she is a force to be reckoned with. It almost seems like she is in her own world, her own space, doing her own thing, and slaying it all like ol

With a smile that compliments her style, she is a complete glamazon.

Dakore Akande

There’s this belief among fashion gurus, that when you respect your clothes and treat them well, they bring out the best in you. It seems to be the case with Dakore Akande. It doesn’t matter how simple her combo may be, she is always looking fabulous.

She carries herself with the complete confidence that she is a style icon. That carriage in itself is what makes her fashionable. There’s absolutely nothing Dakore wear that won’t turn heads!

Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime definitely stepped up in the ranks of stylish Nollywood actresses this year. She worked it! Kudos to her glam squad because this blond haired diva always looks like she just stepped out of a page of a magazine. Whether it’s the gym look, casual chic, girly, princess, boss, 90’s badass, classy, boudoir, fiery, elite and even traditional, Nancy Isime pulls it off like a pro!

Beverly Naya

British born Nigerian actress Beverly Naya is one of the actresses that have embraced her natural hair as an African. A gorgeous pretty girl with a gorgeous body shape that appears graceful in any outfit. A fashion style one can call daring, with a sexy shape and smile to balance it all up. 

Beverly is an epitome of grace, walks and dresses gracefully, and those lips…the girl is damn sexy and stylish.

Chika Ike

Chika Ike is another Nollywood actress that has worked her up the style ladder. Few years ago, she wouldn’t make this list, but well, look at God! That’s how possible a woman’s fashion style story can change.

Chika Ike went to Harvard and came back with business sense and fashion sense. It seems like the fairy godmother of style waved her wand and sprinkled style dust in bold colours on this Nollywood diva because she came back all Bossed Up and Dolled Up. Whenever Chika Ike stepped out this year, she stepped out big, bold, and colourful. We loved every bit of it and from the look of things, she’s just getting started. With the launch her cosmetics line, she has proved to us yet again, that in this fashion world, she is here to own it.

Ini Dima Okojie

Although this list is in no particular order, but if we were to put it in a scale, Inidima would definitely be among the top three. You know, there’s a difference between someone having a curvy body, and then accentuate it with the right outfits, and someone who is just a definition of style. Ini Dima is the latter. There’s also a difference between someone who is trying hard to stay stylish and someone that oozes style irrespective of whatever she is wearing. Sometimes she is bold with her statement, other times sassy, sexy, chic, classy…either ways, Ini Dima never, never, ever disappoints.

Sharon Ooja

Sharon Ooja is a Nollywood actress who is amongst the fairest of them all. She like the popular girl in school that everyone loves for their style and wants to be affiliated with. The It Girl. With a blend of corporate, chic, She understands her body, skin tone, make up that suits her, and oh the height. She has a perfect understanding of putting the right pieces of an outfit together; clothes, accessories, shoes- which is the key ingredient of being super stylish.

Linda Osifo

I mean if you got a bod like Linda Osifo, you need to put cloths on it that will allow people appreciate the work of the maker. Thankfully Linda understands that. The looks you see Linda in shows that she is very confident in her curves, as every woman should be. Clean lines, synched waist, plunging necklines, figure hugging dresses in colours that accentuate her beautiful skin tone. We love!

Adesua Etomi- Wellington

Sometimes simple, sometimes sophisticated, whichever way; her style is a delight to anyone who cares to pay attention, but of course, who wouldn’t pay attention to Adesua Etomi? Her photo attitude is amazing, which adds a special style and life to outfits. 

On the red carpet, her light shines so bright with the kind of fashion light that could never go unnoticed, no wonder Banky W could not help but get attracted. She is definitely one of Nollywood’s best dressed celebrities, a fact that cannot be pushed aside.

Other worthy mentions

Bisola Aiyeola

Bisola is a worthy mention on this list because the girl’s style game is currently going up several notches and we are excited for the looks she will grace us with in 2020 as she is fully embracing the queen mother-boss chic style persona.

Bimbo Ademoye

Bimbo Ademoye has over the last two years, carved a niche for herself in the Nollywood movie industry. She is known for her beauty, peculiarity, versatility, and accurate interpretation of roles. Then hello! Bimbo with the killer waist line! Anything sitting on that body issa bomb always! Even when she is wearing something seemingly simple, her body on its own is stylish! 

And from our fashion queens, we can come to the conclusion that a smile goes a long way in adding chicness to your fashion style as a lady, and they all have this in common.

We love forward to another stylish year with these queen and we hope by the time we have to revise this post next year, more Nollywood actresses would have joined this Queendom.

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