The Impact Of COVID-19 Lockdown On A Creative.

” Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.”
These were the words of Pablo Picasso the legendary Spanish Painter, Sculptor, etc. He was in all ramifications a creative, however how irrefutable are those words?

The ongoing COVID -19 Pandemic has led to a complete stall of several ventures across the globe. Consequently, many creatives would have their normal creative processes truncated. Musicians would not be able to visit the studios, Filmmakers have to put all shootings on hold, and several other creatives who require the need for mobility all have to deal with the cessation of movements and scary health villain.
However, as with every challenge, a treasure load of opportunities spring forth, how then are Creatives impacted by this situation? Is there a way to utilize the period?

One of the apparent great attributes of creatives is the power of imagination, and most of the time, imagination is a product of concentration (there are few exceptions where an idea just pops up amidst chaos but most likely would require a careful solitary reflection). The COVID -19 pandemic comes with some resources for most creatives – the conspiracy theories, the panic, the hope, the search for a remedy, the changes in routine are TOPICS to paint, draw, sing, write, speak about. It also presents the resource of isolation which as earlier stated enables concentration and therefore Imagination, which many times births unique ideas.

Several creatives have been known to thrive in unpleasant situations, the likes of Adele and Sam Smith who always made beautiful music from Heartbreak situations, the compulsory isolation creates physical limitations but allows for creatives to actually lose track of time and get in the zone or what most creatives call “flow state” where a person transcends conscious thought to reach a heightened state of effortless concentration and calmness. In this state, they are immune to pressures external or even internal that can hinder performance and open up to distinct realms. So basically, the isolation offers creatives time for imagination.

However, most creative processes require lots of collaboration, artists requiring other artists to infuse their ideas, another perspective. Whilst this is achievable with the aid of the internet (which has a more felt economic demand on average/upcoming creatives) it sometimes does not present the Organic power from getting contributor’s physical presence during the creative process.

The Compulsory Pandemic Isolation also constricts creatives to monotonous habits, whereas Creatives like to remain adventurous, experience new things, and avoid anything that makes life more stereotypical or mundane. So for the time being most creatives would be shut out of new experiences except they consciously try out some on the internet.

In conclusion, Creatives need a clear and focused mind — because their work depends on it. The COVID -19 isolation presents. Many artists, entrepreneurs, writers, and other creatives turn to meditation as a tool for tapping into their most creative state of mind, although it creates surmountable limitations to collaboration and adventure, the period can be harnessed and I anticipate a flurry of mind-blowing creativity when the pandemic cloud passes.

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