The Shugaban Content creator partnership Programme is meant to find, fund and distribute deserving projects at whatever stage of execution that they may be in upon applying.

Our interactions with content creators as a VOD platform has brought to our awareness how daunting creating content, and finding viable markets and generating sufficient returns on creative endeavours can be for creatives whether it is their first time or the tenth time venturing on this journey. Shugaban realises that as a platform, our fate is inextricably linked to that of the content creators who have made the platform their home and other content creators in general striving to make a go at it in Nigeria, this knowledge and a shared desire for collaboration birthed the SCCPP (SHUGABAN CONTENT CREATOR PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME)

Under this programme Shugaban will facilitate deserving projects from idealisation right up till monetisation via VOD (SVOD AND TVOD combined), theatrical distribution and any other forms of licensing available.

Our goal is that by empowering content creators with funding, equipment, and post production facilitation services and securing distribution where needed we can make creating easier, share the risks with a view to a much better payoff for everyone involved.

Applications are now open and entries will be screened until the final selected Candidates will be absorbed into the first Cohort starting November 1st .

Learn more about the SCCPP.