Odunlade Adekola movies

Odunlade joined the  Association of Nigeria Theatre Arts practitioners in 1996 and started his acting career. In his over 20 years on stage and screen, he has won the Africa Movie Academy Award in 2014, among other awards.

Over the years he has featured in more than 50 movies . Some of his latest films on shugaban are:

  • Erin Oni 

The first scenes of this movie shows two hefty and muscled men dragging a lady along the floor. She was panting heavily and tried her best to stay on the floor. One of the men was shouting at the top of his voice “STAND UP” while the other repeated same command in yoruba “Dide!!!”. This is just the beginning of drama and suspense to ensue. Will this woman follow them? Where are the men taking her? 

Download link:  “Erin Oni” featuring Odunlade Adekola on shugaban.com. 

  • Adebayo Aremu Abere

Odunlade acted the lead role as Aremu a tout and war-lord. He terrorised a city with the help of his clique and a corrupt police boss. They intimidated the public and stole whenever the can. With the gained power, Aremu decides to take on a project and profit all by himself. Will he succeed or will his family or associates turn against him?

Download link: “Adebayo Aremu Abere” featuring Odunlade Adekola on shugaban.com  

  • Taxi Driver: Oko Asewo

Imdb had a short summary for this film. In it, they described Adigun as a 31 year old naive village car mechanic who comes to Lagos for the first time following the sudden death of his father, a man he never truly knew. Adigun comes to Lagos on the invitation of Taiwo, his father’s fellow taxi driver but Taiwo is dangerous and as shady as Lagos at night. 

You can watch a similar movie titled Chairman on shugaban.

  • The Vendor ( the paper seller )

The Vendor is the first movie directed by Odunlade Adekola in  2017. He was also the lead actor in the film where he played Gbadebo – a newspaper vendor. Gbadebo has a happy-going personality which endears him to his customers. He was also ambitious and desired wealth. How much do you think he can make from selling newspapers?