Nollywood, More Remakes and Sequels Please!

Just like Hollywood, Nollywood is gradually following the remakes/reboots/sequels age. Most 90s and millennium born would find this exciting. It could serve as a bridge between the old and new movies, just like what Ramsey Noah did with “Living In Bondage”. Some have criticized it, calling it lazy but as long as they are made well and true to the original, bring it on.

These remodels or sequels; whatever direction the makers decide to take, will attract both old and younger audience and keeps things fresh along with a satisfying nostalgia. The characters and story could get a contemporary twist, and with the new advanced technology, good quality visual effects can be added to deliver a rejuvenated film.

Which Nollywood movie deserves a remake? Here’s our pick:

1. KARISHIKA (1996)

This one of the most talked about movie in the early 90s. The horror film was about a girl named ‘Karishika’ who has been sent by Lucifer to the world to kill, destroy and tempt people in order to increase the population in hell. Imagine how epic snake transformations would be with modern day Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). And that iconic theme song? Imagine a remixed version! What a wow!! The chills!!

2. EGG OF LIFE (2003)

Bring back the crying legend, please!! I am already seeing the remake; maybe Nkiri Sylvanus find out she has a daughter Regina Daniels in the evil forest and drops the egg before she gets back to the village but her daughter ends up completing the task or ends up in the city to meet her prince charming, Alexx Ekubo. Lol! Shot in 2003 by Andy Amaechi, ‘Egg of Life’ tells the story of a chief priestess trying to unravel the mystery behind a death. 

3. ISSAKABA (2000)

The only modern Nollywood action movie that has tried to revive action movies was Slow Country by Eric Aghimien. It would be a breath of fresh air if he picked up Issakaba and tweaked it to the modern day standards. Issakaba was a film about a group of vigilante boys fighting against social vices in their community. The movie reverberated all over Nigeria and the name Issakaba was on everyone’s lips. A remake, just to shake up the action genre would be really intriguing.

4. IGODO (1999)

A Nigerian adventure movie (and occasionally terrifying) that tells the story of a village troubled by evil spirits and sorcery. The only way to stop these evil spirits was for men to go to an evil forest to recover a sword with amazing powers to fight evil. A man named Igodo joins this quest to the evil forest. He traveled there with a group and returned alone. No wonder in the Igbo land most strong men are referred to as Igodo. This movie is arguably one of the best Nollywood movies of all time. The storyline is perfect and wouldn’t even need to be changed. All it will need is better CGI, specifically for the monster that kills the penultimate warrior (because in hindsight, it looked like a muppet on meth).

5. SANGO (1996)

Sango had all the rave back then when it was released, most especially because of Wale Adebayo’s acting. The epic movie depicted the life and reign of Oba Sango who ruled as Alaafin of Oyo in the fifteenth century. Wale Adebayo still is a phenomenal actor and reprising the role in a remake will surely be something to be excited about.