Movie Review: Truth and Tidings

Three ladies in a never ending siblings rivalry for the love of a woman who turns out to not be related to any of them by blood but holds a truth to binds three of them together. Truth and Tidings was produced by Pauline Manulu and Manulu Emmanuel and directed by Chukwuemeka Bishop Nwabunze. The movie featured the following Nollywod stars, Fedrick Leonard, Chita Agwu, Roselyn Ngissah, Frankincense Eche Ben, Vandora Williams, racheal Oniga.

Here Are The Five Reasons To Watch Truth And Tidings

1) It is highly entertaining because its a drama and it captures your attention easily.

2) Its suspense filled, this movie would leave you in an uncertain state you therefore anticipate what happened next. It breaks the usual Nollywood culture.

3) its Educative, there is no perfect marriage, every marriage has its own uniqueness and it all depends on how you manage yours. appreciate your spouse, tell them words of affirmation, encourage them and
also be nice to them.

4) there are lessons to be learned from it, showing love and care doesn’t really cost a thing and adoption shouldn’t be a big deal. you can adopt children and still love them as your own children.

5) there is a hint of comedy, this movie would leave you amused, it will leave you in a state of unprovoked enjoyment and merriment. EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD SHOW

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