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We are the most content-creator friendly platform

SHUGABAN is a unique online video rental platform purposely developed to be a solution to movie/video distribution. A content creator friendly platform built to empower movie producers/content owners, track content consumption and prevent piracy. We are an online marketplace that allows producers/filmmakers to set up and manage the distribution of their content through a transparent and profitable medium. We offer video content to our fast growing viewers around the world, on a PAY-AS-YOU-GO basis (no monthly/yearly subscriptions). Our mission is to help filmmakers generate revenue directly from individual viewing of their content, curb piracy in the film industry while in the same breadth providing online access to the richest collection of videos to viewers around the world.

We help monetize your content

Our platform is a product of extensive research into the challenges faced by filmmakers in the distribution of their content. SHUGABAN offers videos for rent to a global audience on a PAY-AS-YOU-GO basis, and provides renumeration on every individual rent to the producer/owner. Videos published on our platform are secured and free from piracy. Our business approach is transparent and most profitable as it puts producers/content owners in direct charge of revenue accrued from their contents.

We also monetize live events, shows & concerts

Are you organizing a musical concert or comedy show and any other live event you want people to watch online? SHUGABAN is built to make your event available for livestream globally and let you get paid from individual views.

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