How To Make Money From Short Films In Nigeria

How much money you can make from Short Films? 

This article gives you an insight on how to go about it. We know that there are countless blog posts that are purposed to teach you about the ways to make money from YouTube videos, internet, and other means.


  1. The most common and easiest way to earn is to upload videos on Youtube where you will get paid based on views, this means that based on the kind of content you have( that will interest your viewers) the more views the more money to be made.

2. Uploading or selling your videos/films to video on demand platforms like Shugaban.

3. Putting your films in film festivals like African International Film Festivals (AFRIFF), Eko International Film Festival(EKOIFF), etc. if your film is good, you stand a chance to have your movie interest some distributors, and they can help push your work.

4.  Finally, Entering your video content for short film competitions that are organized by both cooperate and individual bodies other than youtube. Participating in such competitions and winning them will surely earn u more money and above all fame.

So that’s it, in case we’ve missed to write any tips that you know, please share that with us