How Far Can Talent Take One in Nollywood?

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

¬†“Talent¬†is the natural ability to do something well “according to Collins English dictionary, but I will choose to define it as the natural endowments of a person. So to be a good actor, talent is involved, even though acting can also be learned. but those with raw talent and potential will always have an edge, which sets them apart from the mediocre. it also ensures longevity in the industry. the tend to be given more lead roles which translate to higher remuneration.

Talent stems from the inside, its the driving force. it is the number one criteria in pursuing a career in any industry. it’s not just enough to have talent without developing it, because acting is a versatile career, it involves doing things you were not born to with: which could be speaking other languages, portraying a foreign culture or a different character (villain).

Remember a million other people just like you, believe they are talented and are going out of their way to gain entry ahead of you into the industry. the only thing that will stand you out is your exceptional talent, if your’s is average, I may advise you to look for another profession. in conclusion, talent is a plus and can surely take one to greater height if well developed.