Here’s how you can become a Nollywood Star

We don’t have the answers. However, we can give you some tips that have worked for your favourite Nollywood stars. This tips work across board, local or international.

If you ask casting directors, directors, and producers, all of them will most likely give you 80% of these tips.

Here you go…

Study the Craft

Go to School/Workshops/Classes.
Talent is not enough, just like with every other profession, you need to study it. Learn from the professionals in the industry, home and abroad. Take short courses. Continually too. In the acting profession, you have to continuously hone and improve your skills.

Go for Auditions/Casting Call

The opportunities will not come and meet you in your house. You need to search just like you would do job hunting. Thanks to technology, you can search from them from your house. After that you need to get up and go to them.

Learn by doing.

Acting is not theory. You need to get better at it by actually doing it. What we mean here is don’t be averse to starting with small roles, at least you will be doing something. However, don’t sleep there, grow to the next level.


Who do you know? Who knows you? Do not underestimate the power of the answer to these two questions. Some of the best opportunities come through referrals so get to meet and know people. That’s another course on it’s own and you need to pass it. There’s a popular Nigerian saying which goes “a closed mouth is a closed destiny”

Be Patient and Consistent

It’s not magic. Ask around, everyone put in the work one way or another. You might not have seen it but they did. They didn’t just “blow” out of nowhere. They were working with patience and consistency and then their efforts added up and BOOM!
Blow!!! Celebrity!!

So start working diligently and trust that everything will add up.

Featured image: @mofedamijo, @realomosexy/ Instagram

Tell us what you think? What more tips would you like us to write about