Filmmakers Get In Here! Here’s How To Make A Nollywood Trailer

Films coming out of Hollywood especially in the action genre score 100% in making trailers that are ghen ghen. Nollywood filmmakers are coming up but there is still a lot to learn. A majority of the filmmakers still need to move away from telling the whole story in the trailer.

To this end, we have put together a beginners guide to elements that can be put together to make your next trailer as captivating as it needs to be.

Steamy Hot Scenes

Adesua Etomi and Kunle Remi in Falling
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If your movie has scenes that involve any kind of sexual content, throw them all out in the trailer. Remember Adesua Etomi and Kunle Remi in the movie, Falling? That sex scene that took place on the couch was one of the reason the movie gained massive buzz. Don’t dull, throw in the steamy scenes in your trailer.

Party Scenes

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Not the entire party! Just the parts where people are dancing in big smiles and money is flying around. You can even throw in a dramatic entrance in slo-mo. If there is one thing that Mo Abudu of Ebonylife Films has proved is that party scenes in trailers sell the movie before it even hits the market. Bring all the flashy dresses and dance steps and you are one step to being a blockbuster movie producer.

Rapid Cuts

You know how people get so curious when they can’t solve an interesting puzzle, this exactly how your trailers should seem like. Have so many rapid cuts that the videos will be life bewildered and excited to know how the whole film will turn out. Everyone loves a good mystery.

Establishment/Aerial Shots

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Certainly, every producer will agree that the right use of equipment makes a great shot. So in your trailers, throw in many drones and cranes shot. Most of the viewers who are psyched about technicalities would want to watch the movie.


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Sound synchronization is key in a movie production. Make sure to pick a tune that elicit the kind of emotion you want the audience to feel. An Adrenaline rush, Sadness, Excitement, Fear, Tension, Love, whatever it is. Do not underestimate the power of music to generating emotion.