Conversation With Femi Babs, The Producer Of Ajino Boy

Ajino Boy is a nollywood comedy series with over 100,000 views on Youtube. 

The series featuring Charlie Onojie was produced by Femi Babs. In this article, we had a chat with him and he shared his experience in the nollywood industry with us.

The story of Ajino Boy takes us into the life of a troubled village boy. The boy, whose father died when he was young, tried to live life as he knows best. But he had trouble relating with his family and community.

What draws people to this story is how comedy was used to pass the message.

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Boss. Thanks for  chatting with us. First of all, who is Femi Babs?


Femi Babs is an actor, writer and speaker who is committed to making the world a better place by helping men understand the Essence of Life. My father is from Ilesha and mother is from Esan in Edo State.

I was born and raised in Warri in the oil-rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria. 

My father, Late Engr. S.B Retiola, worked with Nigerian Gas Corporation (NGC), a subsidiary of Nigerian National petroleum Corporation (NNPC) while my mother, Mrs Anna Adesuwa Retiola, is a senior officer of The Nigerian Ports Authority (Sea Ports).

I attended the NNPC staff school Ekpan and College of Education Demonstration Secondary School for primary and secondary education in Delta State.


Is Femi Babs your real name or a stage name?


It’s a stage name. The full name is Retiola Babafemi Stephen, but I prefer to be called Femi Babs. 


What were your growing up days like and how has that place inspired what you do currently?


Well I had a humble beginning somewhere in between an ajebutter and an ajekpako.  Lol.  

I grew up in a polygamous home with much drama. Notwitwstanding, it was an environment of love.

It was a time when  vhs nollywood movies were in vogue. My sisters and I spent our free time watching these movies. This was an activity I believe stirred up my passion for acting and filmmaking.

There were even times when my cousins and I would watch movies through the windows of other people’s houses, and we also did what we call “acting play”. 

So for me I believe my childhood days impacted greatly on me and still inspires my line of career.

Femi Babs on set in Ajino Boy, Season 1


How did you  get into filmmaking?


It was while I was still studying Mechanical Engineering at Covenant University.

One day I went into the library to read but lost interest. On my way out of the library I decided to check out the college of development studies section.

Here I stumbled on some books titled film-making, directing and production. I never knew there were books on the subject, that section of the library  became my new hostel. lol.

The next few weeks saw me sacrificing my monthly allowance to produce my first short film titled “The Sacrifice”.

This was in 2012.

Question (Q): 

What do you think are nollywood’s biggest problems and how do you think they can be addressed?

Answer (A):


That’s the biggest challenge I see even though there are others and when i say politics it covers nepotism, corruption, tribalism e.t.c.

But there are no sectors without this challenge and that’s because it’s a cultural deformity as far as the nation is concerned in general.

I think the solution to this will be the implementing of a transparent structure in the industry and that will have to come from the Government.

Question (A):

How hard has it been to get finance for a movie?

Answer (Q): 

Its really tough i must say, Nigeria is tough for crying out loud so to convince an investor to invest money for something that you cannot guarantee speed in profit can be quite difficult but permit me to say that those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.


What’s next for Femi Babs?

Answer (A):

Ajino Boy has become a brand so the series continues and I would be delving more into other aspects of the industry as well as exploring my entrepreneurial abilities.


What do you have to say to your fans?

Answer (A):

I love my Fans and I’m deeply Grateful to everyone who believes in me. Pls keep supporting the Brand Femi Babs there’s more to come by God’s Grace. God bless you.