#BezLive2019 Ric Hassani, Femi Leye, Lady Donli, Waje, join Bez for a night of Awesome Live Music

Bez Live in Concert

Review of Bez-Live-in-Concert ( The Light ) December 2019

Bez Idakula (right) performing live at The Light with The Cavemen Band

At the end of the event, Bez picked up the mic and announced that “The Light” was the last Bez-Live-in-Concert. “What does that mean?” The crowd went silent almost immediately. Everyone was staring and wondering if Bez was announcing his retirement. His next statement  everyone: “ we are attempting something bigger and bolder next year.” Excitedly, the crowd went wild with joy.

This singular moment describes the #BezLive2019 concert. The event was planned and was perfect till the end. Except for when Bez tried to pull a stunt by suddenly disappearing from stage and appearing in a crane in the middle of the crowd, at which point everyone rushed towards him. Thankfully he was high above the crowd so they could not touch him. It would have been a perfect crowd-engaging session but his microphone refused to come-on. He had to abandon that project and move back to stage.

The event was held at Muri Okunola Park. It was the perfect mix of musical excellence and responsible fun. Benjamin the-drummer-boy for Cavemen is a walking magician. Before the event started, I watched him rehearse all alone for 45 minutes on stage. He was singing, dancing, and drumming. He was in his happy place. One could see that he was made for the drums and the drums were for him, they suited each other perfectly. 

The crowd went wild when the performance was on.

Even though I singled out Benjamin, the Cavemen band who sang Osondu proved once again why they are among the best musical band in Nigeria today. Their synergy was out of this world, it seemed like they have been playing for decades. The way they shifted from beats of the 70’s to contemporary sounds was outstanding. 

At some points during the concert some performers came to grace the stage. Who would have thought that Ayoola Ayolola had such a sonorous voice? I was expecting to hear a deep hulky kind of sound, but he amazed everyone in the audience with his rendition of Bob Marley’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. His performance was so smooth the audience were singing along. People who could not be at the venue where streaming the event live on shugaban.com and commenting on social media. The event is still available there for those who missed out or want to experience it all over again.
An excited viewer on shugaban kept saying that all he wanted to see was Femi Leye. Femi is one of the graduates of Rtist Hub program organised by Bez. He announced that he recently became a husband and a father. Then he dedicated several of his songs to his wife and people who just got married like himself. He was the revelation of the night. After performing 4 of his tracks the crowd did not want him to leave. They eventually let him go after agreeing to play one more song. One would have thought it was his show and Bez was the side attraction.

Femi Leye performing one of his tracks at Bez-Live-in-Concert December 2019

Others who performed on the night were Waje, Celeste, and Eleesha. Lady Donli made a cameo performance with one of the latest music “Corner Corner”. She graced the stage effortlessly. If this was a music competition she would have gotten all the marks for stage management and usage. She moved, danced, jumped, and tried to shaku-shaku. She was really excited to be on that stage.

Lady Donli performing at the Bez-Live-in-Concert December 2019

Having witnessed several events this December one has to commend the efforts of the organisers. The event started and ended on time. The last beat of the drum-stick dropped some  minutes to 12 a.m. 

In contrast to when Shina Peters, one of the main acts at the Afrobeats Fest, Africa Shrine, did not even come out until 3 a.m in the morning. We should not even comment on the VIP stage that fell at the Nativeland concert. That was a total disaster.

Bez throwing some dance steps during his performance at The Light

This review would not be complete without talking about when some members of the audience were asked to sing. It was an emotional moment. The music being performed at that time was Bez’s Zuciya Daya. The first audience performer was Bez’s own sister. She killed it. Music must run in the family because her voice is marvelous. It was like they composed the music together. I dare say that she sang the song better than Bez himself.

Another of Rtist graduate, Remi, collected the microphone and did his own rendition. This performance by Remi showed the quality of talent in the Bez’s hub. The world is not ready for what they have for us.

All I want to say is that Bez-Live-in-Concert ( The Light )  was marvelous. It was money well spent. I will always want to watch Bez and his band play. Always.