5 Reasons Why We Love Frederick Leonard

However, Frederick Leonard has been able to pull it off. Most people know him for just one thing- great acting. When he decided to delved into business, he went into the businesses side of filmmaking starting a film production outfit. It is safe to say, Frederick lives and breathes Filmmaking.

In case you are not already impressed by his dedication to the art of filmmaking, here are some other reasons to love Frederick Leonard.

He is an eye candy😉

Tall, Creamy and Handsome. One would have to be blind to not see how handsome this Nollywood star. When you add tall to the mix, it is a home run. Girls drool, Women swoon. It is no wonder Nollywood producers like to cast him as an eligible bachelor, a dashing husband or a troubled playboy. Eyes like an angel, built like a Greek god and voice that will make every ear tingle.

He is a serious actor

Intensity can be a good and bad thing but this time, we are looking at a good type of intensity. Frederick immerses himself into his character so deeply that you see absolutely no trace of him. He totally becomes the character he is playing. When his character is angry, it is fire. When the character is insane, it is pure crazy. If its disgust, you’ll think the person was dripping with slime. You can feel the emotion from every fiber of his being. Who does not love an actor who totally gives himself to his character! Pure Dedication! Did we also mention he is a multiple award-winning actor? Yes, He is.

He is such a good boy☺️

Did you know Frederick does not drink, smoke or like to party? He says its not his style. When Frederick is not acting, he likes to relax indoors with close friends and family. He says the job takes him away from his loved one a lot and when he is not working, he would rather spend the little time he as with his loved one. Fair enough if you asked me.

He is a businessman

Frederick is just not just an actor. He is also a producer and the Chief-Executive-Officer and founder of Cineworx Entertainment. In 2019, Cineworx produced the movie Void which starred Nollywood powerhouse Chioma Chukwuka, Empress Njamah, Ayo Adesanya, & Lota Chukwu. This is Frederick second project as a producer, his first was a movie called Grey. It seems he has a penchant for one-word titles. J We love a man who is versatile and business savvy.

Man’s got style

Frederick always makes the best-dressed list at any event he goes to. The man is also not one to shy away from bold colors, in different styles. Put him in casual ripped jeans and a tee, or a yellow suit and tee, or a neatly tailored Nigerian traditional attire- he will slay all the looks effortlessly. Just like the trendy pop culture saying, rugged, classy and traditional; get you a man that can do all three.

With these few points of ours, we hope we have been able to convince you to get on the Team Frederick Leonard.

Photo Credit @freddieleonard / Instagram