5 Practical Tips to Build Your Confidence

Confidence is attractive. We might try to ignore it but deep inside, we want a little bit of that confidence. Even when we already have it, we want more.

the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something.

Oxford Dictionary

Confidence is desirable. People say you either have it or not. True. However, Confidence can be learned.

Here are some practical tips that can help

Increase your competence.

Remember that smile you have when you see the exam questions and it’s everything you studied? Yup. That’s it. Assuredness brings confidence. That’s it.

You’re not afraid because you know you have done the work and you have got what it takes.

Look Good. Be Well Groomed.

Some people call it packaging these days.
It works because people are first of all taken by what they see. You pull down the first barrier of entry by appealing to their sense of sight or smell.
“Na because she know say she fine” that phrase usually comes as a result of the confidence people see in people who are well dressed and groomed.
It’s not just talk. It has been proven that people that know they are looking good have a spring in their step. That feeling you get when you look in the mirror and you know you’re looking your best. It sends you a positive vibe and that vibe will radiate to others.
You will get compliments. People will be more open to talk to you. This will increase your chances of socializing thereby boosting your confidence.

Be Optimistic and Think Positively

Ever heard of the law of attraction? You attract what your thoughts are focused on. Like attracts Like. Believe it or not, positive thinking works. Your mind has a lot of power over what you are capable of doing. You keep telling yourself you can do something and before long your body and circumstances will follow suit.
Going around with a pessimistic
mindset does not help your confidence. Infact, it impacts negatively on your psyche gives off negative vibes. Nobody wants to be around someone who brings negative energy.

Speak Slower

That’s why they say rich people don’t talk too much. That is because they are drawing confidence for the weight of their account balance. Take note from the speeches of affluent people. They speak like they don’t need to prove a point.
We are not saying to drag your words but let your words beathe. Ever notice that people who talk fast are always told to “relax”. It’s because when you are anxious you tend to ramble on your words.

Befriend Confident People

Be friends people who cause you to level up. All your friends shouldn’t be like you. Surround yourself with confident people and some of their confidence will rub off on you. You will begin to talk like them, think like them and pick up on things that make them so confident.

These are not all you can do but it’s a good place to start.

Start practicing and get that confidence up a few notches!

Walk into that audition, interview, meeting radiate brilliance and command attention!

Featured image: Nsey Benajah from unsplash.com

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